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A great plan, daily accountability, and expert coaching on your terms.



Jason has supported me no matter what I bring to the gym on any given
day, tears or laughter.

In the beginning I was unsure of having a male
trainer, embarrassed about my lack of abilities and being overweight. I
thought I would never achieve anything more in terms of my fitness

Jason made feel very comfortable though, always friendly and
kept me positive, always making me look at solutions to any obstacles.

My experience with Jason is always good, even when things aren’t going
so well, he continues to support me not just in a training capacity, but
also in an infectiously positive way. He has taught me about needing
consistency to achieve results and has motivated me to actually want
to show up 3 times a week.

So far I’ve lost weight, I’ve increased my
strength, and I’ve established a regular workout routine which I’m
sticking with.

-Robyn Bosik

When we first started working together I was unsure how much I would be able to improve my powerlifting weights at my age and size. You made a number of improvements to my form, you focused on developing key muscles necessary for powerlifting and you really helped me with my focus, consistency, and confidence, and adjusted my diet to fuel my muscle development.

I appreciate you taking the time to explain the whys to me in order to better understand what exactly I should feel and look for.

My experience with you has been nothing short of fantastic. I would never have tried many of the exercises nor weights that we have done. You motivated me to go further and faster than I would ever have done on my own.

You are always positive, fun to work with. You inspire and motivate. You are a true professional and make programming adjustments regularly as required to ensure continued progress. Very knowledgeable!

-David Leach