BID Health and Performance is worldclass  personal training and holistic nutrition coaching by Jason Ingham, based in Ottawa, Ontario, available worldwide.

14 days to get you started

Simple, actionable nutritional guidance and an accessible 14 day training plan that needs minimal equipment or time so you can:

  • Increase your focus, motivation, and energy
  • Lower your stress, aches and pains
  • While losing bodyfat and getting stronger

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BID helps time-crunched high performers use fitness to give them the edge without giving up the things they love.

What makes BID coaching different?

plans that fit the busiest schedules

No compromising your priorities. We work together to schedule on your terms, and also help provide coaching solutions that'll save you time!

results without giving up your favorite foods or activities

We focus on sustainable strategies that allow you to live your life, and enjoy it while looking and feeling great.

accountability and support that travels with you anywhere

Your plan, coach, and solutions to your challenges are available in person, at home, in the gym, or anywhere in the world, anytime.


client spotlight

Before I started working with Jason I felt gyms were scary and mostly populated by fit people. I also believed the gym is boring, that exercise was something which had to hurt all the time and that you ” just get it over with”.

Jason helped me learn how to do the exercises properly focusing on proper form which in turn removed the fear of the gym. He also made the gym fun and less threatening by focusing on proper form. He showed me that pain does not always equals gains and now I now enjoy taking my time in the gym.

Working with Jason I Lost over 40 lbs and added muscle mass ( which I did not plan for, but was a happy result). Went from wearing size XL (Tight) to M (Comfortable) / Size 38 (Tight) to 34 (Comfortable) waistline. Jason is the best trainer I have ever had. He made Gym fun and I know and trust him when he’s pushing me.

Marc-André Bergeron

BID Client


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