I took the last 10 days off of December. It felt fantastic.

2017 was a busy year. I mean they’re all busy but I feel like this one was the nuttiest yet.

This little break though reminded me that sometimes you need to step back in order to step back in. Just like in training recovery is just as important as the work you put in. The fact that I feel like I’m able to string words together in this post is a testament to the fact I feel recharged.

The last year I’ve tried to be everything to everyone, and do everything I could imagine and the reality is I did a mediocre to shitty job on most of those things if I got around to it.

Now it’s not to say it’s all bad and that there weren’t some great successes. I continue to be blessed with an amazing partner, I had the chance to experience an amazing adventure on a new continent, I have the best clients one can ask for, and my career is charging strong in the right direction.


You guys rock!


It’s taken it’s toll though and there’s still a lot I want to deliver on this year both professionally and personally.

The theme though is simplifying. The thing is I realize now my focus has to be better. It’s not just about working harder and longer, but rather more effectively consistently. Having a clearly defined list of priorities and taking care of those big rocks consistently through daily habits.

It’s funny because this is something I religiously emphasize in my coaching. Out of context though it’s easy to forget. The goal can be big and complicated but the actions have to be clear and simple. It’s easy to lose sight that these principles need to be applied on all fronts.

I know the next months will bring their challenges but I believe I have a better plan going into this year.

That’s it for now, thanks for reading. I’m wishing you all a successful and happy new year! To my clients, watch out, I’m feelin pretty fired up ;P


She’s the best, and the scenery was pretty sweet too!

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