4 Tips to make your fitness resolutions a success

Start strong in 2021

Are you setting yourself up for success in 2021?

Raise your hand if 2020 didn't go as planned. 2021 is here and a New Year means a fresh start. Our brains like fresh starts, just think about how much you prefer starting anything new on a Monday. 

2020 may not have been the easiest year. Now in the last quarter of this year the combination of darker days, cold, possible social isolation, mixed in with (justifiable) moderate to high stress and anxiety might have left you thinking, feeling (and maybe looking like) you need to make some changes. 

That's ok, and it's totally natural. It happens every year at this time of year whether you want to call in a new years resolution or not.

If you're like the majority of us that typically involves an overhaul of the way you look and feel because the last months (or if we're being honest years) might not have been kind to our body.

So the question is are you setting yourself up for success? 

Did you complete the following checklist?

  • Plan to integrate a strict eating regimen? Maybe Keto? Intermittent fasting? maybe a little detox or cleanse mixed in?
  • Drastically increase the amount and intensity with which you exercise? Maybe work out everyday? Twice even?!
  • Outline all the things you're going to quit cold turkey and start doing come January 1st? It's going to be different this time right?

Though this list is a little above is exaggerated, it's still pretty close to what usually happens and it's a surefire way to fail.

"But Jason, this year is going to be different"

I hear you. Let me ask you this, if 80%+ of people quit whatever they resolve to change two weeks into January in a regular year, do you think statistically this year is to your advantage?

Let's do better this year, for real.

4 Tips to make your fitness resolutions a success

Make a Plan

It doesn't have to be complicated, it's actually better if it isn't. You just need to define what you're going to do specifically and why you're doing what you're doing. Want some clear steps? I strongly recommend reading this for some guidance.

Start slower than you want to

I often have clients surprised at how slow we start sometimes who then months later find themselves blown away at all they've accomplished over what seemed like a short period of time.

The easiest way to sabotage your success is to fail early, the simplest way to stay motivated is to win more often than not.

Give yourself a workout schedule you know you can crush. Instead of overhauling every meal, start with one on some days rather than all. Add in beneficial practices before you take away.

Whatever you want to do, make the steps smaller than you think they need to be. Focused on fat loss? Make sure you actions focus on what matters, read this for a start.

New year expectations fail

Win the day

Your goals may define what you want, but your daily habits can get you what you want without ever setting a goal. Want to lose a few pounds over the next months? Cool, do you have nourishing meals planned for today? Do you have groceries. Do you plan on training with intention and/or having other opportunities to move? Do you have a plan for what you're going to do and when?

The big picture matters less to the eventual outcome than what you do daily. Win the day, win the war.

Don't be a dick (to yourself)

Look it's ok to have high standards of what you expect from yourself. Inevitably though even the best of us will have some days where those standards won't be met. Those days can either serve as learning experiences that leave you better or reasons why you continue to repeat the same cycle of failure every few months (or years).

Change will take time but you have a chance to make every moment of that time an opportunity for growth that you'll come to appreciate, or perpetuate a cycle of hyper-criticism and self loathing that might have led you here in the first place (speaking from experience here). I say do better, don't be a dick. 

Good Luck, and Happy New Year!

P.S If you want some help making this year one of your best yet let's chat about making that a reality.

About the author 

Coach Jason

Coach Jason Ingham is a personal trainer, nutrition coach, and founder of BID Health and Performance. Jason has spent more than 20 years practicing the art of lifting and coaching, continually refining his skill set to help his clients build bodies they're proud of pain-free while doing what they love.

When he's not in the gym you'll probably find him buried in a book, exploring the city's restaurants, or crushing the latest streaming sci-fi or fantasy series with his partner Bailey.

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