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The day it all changed

I sat staring into my musty closet.

I’d been dreading and avoiding this inevitable moment for months.

Now I sat pit in my stomach, on the edge of my bed. I had a wedding to attend the next day and I had nothing that remotely came close to fitting me.

I’d spent the last two years spiraling down a black hole, avoiding friends, locking myself inside with comfort food, alcohol, TV, video games, and other distractions or ways to numb myself to the reality of my unhappiness only amplified by the dramatic implosion of my relationship a week before. 

The nearly hundred pounds of soft body I’d added was the result of that. 

Jason Ingham at 23 vs 36

Now I had to go out into the world and face it all. 

The awkward avoidance by others of how much I’d let myself go to shit. 

The questions about my now ex-partner. 

The fake smiles where I’d pretend I was alright when all I wanted was to crawl back into a hole and die. 

It’s the day I knew I’d hit bottom and needed to change.

I started with the one thing that was entirely under my control; my body and how I treated it. 

That day I decided to go all in and it changed my life.

the most important shift

Statistically, most people fail at getting and staying in shape.

They’re told it’s all about diet and exercise, and yes that’s a big piece of the picture.

What they're not told is there's 1 common critical mindset shift that links those that succeed long-term. 

They make being in shape part of their identity. 

They don’t just eat healthier, they become someone who eats healthy.

They don’t just exercise, they become an exerciser.

That day I didn’t just set out to raise my standards, I became someone who has high standards for myself and my life.

The passion I found in my own journey eventually compelled me to help others do the same and avoid some of my mistakes.

Since then I've spent more than a decade helping clients make similar shifts in their own lives.

BID stands for “Bring It Daily”.  It was born as a reminder of that day and every day after that whatever you want is possible with consistent daily action. 

how we got here

Though I've spent almost 25 years working on my own fitness I came into personal training as a second career. Like many I started in a big box commercial gym as a trainer then eventually a training manager. During that time I noticed glaring opportunities to better serve and support clients with things like:

  • Building health habits into hectic lives
  • Eating healthier practically
  • Navigating stress
  • Improving sleep
  • Working around old aches, pains and injuries
  • Staying fit on the road 

Most gyms and coaches focus all their efforts on the 2-3 hours per week clients are physically present, but for most that isn't enough. Most people I've met need support for their efforts in the 165 hours outside of the gym in order to succeed.

When I left the traditional gym space I wanted to do things differently.

BID Health and Performance was born in 2015 before online coaching became mainstream as my solution to providing a 360 degree coaching experience focused on the holistic needs of every client. Fusing real coaching with modern software to provide clients with the support and accountability they need to reach their goals, and the flexibility to fit it into their lives sustainably.

BID offers both online coaching, and one on one personal training at BID Headquarters 29-174 Colonnade Rd. in Nepean (West Ottawa).

about the author

Jason Ingham is a personal trainer and entrepreneur based in West Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. He's spent the better part of 25 years practicing and coaching ways to get strong, athletic and in shape sustainably. He's accumulated numerous industry certifications along the way including:

  • Certified Physical Preparation Specialist (CPPS)
  • Level 2 Precision Nutrition Coach (Pn2)
  • Certified Conditioning Coach
  • Certified Online Trainer

When he's not coaching, producing content or travelling the world you'll likely find him skiing, exploring great restaurants, buried in a book, or crushing the latest streaming sci-fi/fantasy series with his partner Bailey and their bunny buster.

Jason Bailey and Buster
bioforce certified conditioning coach


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