meet the coach

Hey! I'm Jason, personal trainer, nutrition coach, sci-fi geek, multi-time former fat kid, lover of Bay (Bailey), food, and lifting heavy things. Nice to meet you!

in the beginning...

Over 20 years ago I made a decision that changed my life. Well, sorta because it's actually my mom who bought my gym membership at the thanks mom, but I digress.

Like most people who wander into the gym for the first time, I've had my share of struggles that led me there.

The first go around I thought was simply to rid my body of the life offending moobs (male boobs for those not familiar) that were destroying my confidence game. 

It's worth noting I also wouldn't have minded arms about 80% the size of Arnolds (not asking much right?). I figured that would solve everything for me.

As time went on though I realized there was more to it, I was unhappy with myself, physically limited in what I could do, didn't like where I was in the world, and didn't reflect the person who I felt I was.

Training my body allowed me to change that, to take back control when at the time I felt I had none.

I'm not saying it's been smooth sailing since then as every decade has brought new challenges but it's always acted as an anchor for everything that I've done. 

the bid mission

Fitness for me is a platform to help support the things and people you love. BID is about continually investing in yourself so you can simply be a better human.

You can do that in a number of ways, but I believe the foundation of that is taking charge of your most important asset; your body.

We all define our fitness by different standards but meeting those standards allows us to be better at everything we do, support the people we care about, and the capacity to strive for more.

To bring it daily means, never surrendering to being too busy, stuck, or feeling hopeless.

It's challenging "good enough" and creating new standards, your standards.

It's recognizing every day as an opportunity rather than a challenge.

It's finding new or better ways of doing things and choosing to try and to keep trying.

It's about taking back control, creating our vision, and always moving it forward.


I'm here to help you, no pressure, no obligation. If you're ready to make the best decision you've made in a long time, click the button below to start the conversation