Meet Coach Jason

I like to think my job is helping people live life better, on their terms, one day at a time, and having fun doing it. That's what training has done for me for more than two decades.

in the beginning...

My fitness journey began like most, with simply wanting to look and feel better in my skin. I fell in love with exploring what my body was capable of, which eventually led me to strength sports. The training helped me build confidence and self-esteem.

It also provided a measure of control over my life and circumstances that nothing else could, acting as an anchor to weather difficult times and a vehicle for some lessons like the importance of goals, acceptance, hard work, and persistence.

I've repeatedly seen similar effects in my clients, and that is what keeps me excited and motivated about what I do every day.

Jason Ingham at 23 vs 36

I came into personal training as a second career starting in a typical large commercial gym setting. Like many, I was a trainer for several years, and I naturally progressed into different management roles.

During this time, I noticed opportunities to better serve and support clients, which most gyms were not keen on or able to adapt on a wide scale.

Leveraging emerging software to provide a better, more comprehensive approach to training and focusing on the holistic needs of clients like making lifestyle and habits changes outside of the gym.

Most gyms and coaches focus their efforts on the 3 hours per week clients are physically present, but I found the results of those efforts are mostly dictated by the other 165 hours outside of the gym. I wanted to do things differently.

BID was born in 2015 before online coaching was new and cool. It was my solution to providing a better, more accessible coaching experience for those who wanted the guidance, accountability, and support of working with an expert personal trainer without the scheduling, location, or cost limitations of traditional one-on-one training.

I still offer one on one personal training at BID Headquarters, but one that focuses on the holistic needs of every client we work with, along with the support of modern software to provide clients the flexibility and knowledge they need for ongoing sustainable success.

the bid mission

Fitness for me is a platform to help support the things and people you love. BID is about continually investing in yourself so you can simply be a better human.

You can do that in a number of ways, but I believe the foundation of that is taking charge of your most important asset; your body.

We all define our fitness by different standards but meeting those standards allows us to be better at everything we do, support the people we care about, and the capacity to strive for more.

To bring it daily means, never surrendering to being too busy, stuck, or feeling hopeless.

It's challenging "good enough" and creating new standards, your standards.

It's recognizing every day as an opportunity rather than a challenge.

It's finding new or better ways of doing things and choosing to try and to keep trying.

It's about taking back control, creating our vision, and always moving it forward.


I'm here to help you, no pressure, no obligation. If you're ready to make the best decision you've made in a long time, click the button below to start the conversation