Best Fitness Gifts for the (aspiring) fitness buffs in your life

Buff Santa

Rounding up the best gifts for fitness lovers in your life. Whether you're looking for Christmas gifts for fitness buffs, an occasion gift for the weekend warrior, or a thank you for anyone who's health conscious or is aspiring to be there's something in here I believe for anyone.

Now I want to state ahead of time I get no compensation for any of these mentions, they're simply brands, services and products I've come to truly appreciate.

I've linked a few options around Ottawa or available from a Canadian provider in most cases. Being a small business myself I feel it's important to try to support businesses outside of amazon right now. I understand the necessity and simplicity of Amazon and use it often myself but it's also important to support a healthy marketplace.

I realize this won't be an option for everyone and everything, so feel free to hit a Google search if you want to find alternative options. 

For Those Getting Started

Vivobarefoot Primus BioLite II

Great Gym Shoes

Vivobarefoot Primus Bio-Lite II

The easiest fitness gift to offer is a slick pair of new kicks. I absolutely love Vivobarefoot shoes. There are a ton of benefits to wearing a minimalist shoe and thankfully Vivo made them look cooler than those god awful Vibram toe shoes.

Super comfortable, and great for all things gym related. I strongly recommend the Primus BioLite II's for the gym. They have a super comfortable sole and are a little stretchy but still provide foot support which I've never encountered in a synthetic shoe.

Want something a little more conventional? Reebok Nano X's look sweet and offer a little more cushion for the sole but also a ton of stability for lifting.

A Killer Gym Bag

Lululemon More Miles Duffel 40L

I've had a lululemon gym bag for 8 years now. They make them to last, they look awesome, and they have some of the most functional pockets I've encountered. You have a lot of options to choose from but in my opinion if you're partial to black like me check out the More Miles Duffel.

Yeti Rambler with strawcap

A Bad Ass Water Bottle

Yeti Rambler 769ml with optional Straw cap 

I haven't encountered any drinkware that just screamed quality and "I'm unstoppable" like YETI stuff. This one doesn't just have to be a fitness gift, it can also find it's way into your life and camping kit. The midsize rambler is perfect for lugging around anywhere, there's also an optional strap cap or hotshot lid which isn't a bad investment if ya want easy access to your liquids.

Jaybird Vista 2

Sick True Wireless Workout Headphones

Jaybird Vista II

Music can level up any training session. Problem is regular headphones eventually die because they either get their cord ripped out accidentally, fall out and get crushed, or the sweat and dust get into the nitty gritty parts eventually drowning them in our DNA. 

These come with awesome sound, no cords, killer battery, pair easy, and can survive the sweatiest nastiest sessions you can deliver.

For the Lifter Who Has Everything

Fat Gripz

Lifting Accessories and Self Care Accessories

Fat Gripz

Christmas gifts for fitness buffs don't have to be complicated. Want to give bigger arms, a stronger grip, and less cranky shoulders? Yeah you do!....or at least the closest thing to it. These fat grips will go a long way to delivering just that, bringing the benefits of thick grip training to any bar or dumbbell.

Yoga Tuneup Alpha Ball

Yoga Tune-up Alpha Ball 

There are a 1001 things you can use a lacrosse ball for including this 5 minute lower back tuneup. The Alpha Ball just works better than a lacrosse ball since it's a little less aggressive and has a bigger surface area. It's the perfect gift for fitness lovers because it's an essential piece of gym kit but also amazing for anyone who needs a little selfcare (aka everyone) and it'll be with you forever.

Accupressure Mat

Accupressure Mat

This thing is absolutely amazing in helping loosen up a stiff back and neck, and can really help you relax when ya need it. It takes a little getting used to but I can't recommend it enough. Grab a book or your favorite podcast and lie on it for 15-30 minutes before bed. Guaranteed to leave your body feeling relaxed, less stiff, and coax some of the best sleep you've had in a forever.

Theragun Mini

Theragun Mini

There's a commonality amongst gifts for fitness lovers on this list. They're practical, portable, usable on demand, help you feel and perform at your best. Most people who spend time challenging their bodies have a body part that need needs a little extra TLC. Sometimes a ball simply won't do it and you also might not have the opportunity or time for a regular massage. That's what a self massage tool is there for, to fill that space.

For the (Aspiring) Home Fitness Buff

Bring the gym home with Home Fitness Essentials

TRX Suspension Trainer

One of the things that makes the TRX one of the best gifts for fitness lovers is it allows you to train anywhere and everywhere. It's versatile, super portable and doesn't take up a ton of room. Hotel gyms, backyards, basements, or fully stocked gyms, this thing can go anywhere you go. It truly is a great all in one training solution with 100s of different exercises options and variations accessible to anyone regardless of level. 


A great all around training tool and usually a little more versatile than a dumbbell though it can substitute for one for almost all movements. There are unique skill and challenge benefits to movements like the Kettlebell Swing, Clean, Snatch and Turkish getup that do a great job of substituting for their barbell counterparts. The only challenge sometimes is picking the right size for the person depending what they'll be using it for.

For someone beginning their training journey 8/12/16kg is a good place to start and for those more intermediate 12/16/24kg will work nicely. I'd strongly suggest getting these in pairs for lighter bells especially if possible. 

For the Performance Obsessed

Whoop Recovery Tracker

Next Level Performance with a Recovery Tracker

Morpheus or Whoop

Want to know how to eek the most out of your body every session and maximize the speed which you can adapt, evolve and improve? That's what a recovery tracker is for. It's the perfect fitness gift for someone who wants to personalize their performance but it's also a great accountability tool to ensure we're doing the things we need to in order to benefit from our hard work.

Personally I have a Morpheus tracker which has been fantastic, and I've had a number of clients with Whoop's. They both do their job well. I love Morpheus for it's integration with other ecosystems and it's singular focus (workout performance) but it lacks a little of the extras like graphing and data offered with Whoop though that may soon change. Whoop does a great job of being super user friendly while still offering powerful data outputs that are simple to understand and apply.

Morpheus is a one time fee, Whoop is a subscription program so you can decide which makes more sense for you and your gift recipient.


Make Fitness a Priority with a Fitness Tracker

Apple Watch or FitBit Charge 4

One of the most powerful drivers for our habits is awareness. That's what a Fitness Tracker is for, it's to put things like our movement and our health metrics front and center.

You can use a fitness tracker to maximize fatloss (more on that) but you can also use it as another way to measure how you're improving on a day to day or week to week basis outside looming over a scale.

The most positive feedback I've had from clients out of the devices available out there are for the Apple Watch regardless of version and the Fitbit Charge 3 or 4. I'd choose one over the other based on budget and how many extras you want. The Apple Watch has the added integrations with your phone and other fitness apps so that would be the decision maker for me.

Gifts for Fitness Lovers at Any Stage 

Sensory Deprivation Tank

A Euphoric Sensory Deprivation (Float Tank) Session

I love floating and can't say enough good things about it. Want to be less stiff and sore, need a stress reset, or want a little time to sort through some thoughts on a higher level? Floating nails all those. It isn't just a fitness gift, it's a wellness experience perfect for that.

I'd compare it a little to doing a weeks worth of meditation combined with some self care all wrapped neatly into a 60 minute session. 

Locally in Ottawa I wouldn't hesitate to check out IsoSpa. It's a beautiful welcoming space with private rooms and pods, they typically have a holiday special so check it out.


A Day of Self Care with a Spa Bath Experience

Le Nordik 

There's few things more reviving than being able to take a day, remove all distraction, timetables, and noise and just be able do some self care in a beautiful, peaceful space. 

Locally in Ottawa I would encourage you to go to Le Nordik. It's such an amazing setting, the food is great, the amenities excellent and when you're done if you really wanted to level it up you could stay in Old Chelsea for a bite or even the night!

Go All in Next Year with Coaching

BID All-in Coaching

2020's been a hard year mentally, physically, and emotionally for many of us and there might already be great expectations for next year. It might be time to forget resolutions though for 2021. If anything, this past year has shown us nothing is guaranteed.

Instead I'd ask if you're ready to commit to action?

If yes, then coaching could be the greatest gift ever given or had. Find out more here.

About the author 

Coach Jason

Coach Jason Ingham is a personal trainer, nutrition coach, and founder of BID Health and Performance. Jason has spent more than 20 years practicing the art of lifting and coaching, continually refining his skill set to help his clients build bodies they're proud of pain-free while doing what they love.

When he's not in the gym you'll probably find him buried in a book, exploring the city's restaurants, or crushing the latest streaming sci-fi or fantasy series with his partner Bailey.

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