I’ve never been so aware of how much space (or lack thereof) is available in our condo ha! One of the most common questions I’ve been fielding recently is “ok yo, so I gotta get a lift on, what should I get?”. Ok that might have been paraphrased a little, but you get the gist.

I had to take some time to think about that one because everyone’s situation is a little different. There’s also the factor of current skillset, ability, injuries and goals.

I’ve done my best though to suggest a few things that I think you could use.

I’ve broken it down for you into three categories depending on space and cost investment you’re willing to undertake. Think of it as a progression, these are stackable so if you’re starting from scratch work your way from bottom to top.

This happens to also be the ideal travel stack. No need for a ton of space and minimal financial investment.

The Starter

Yoga Mat
Resistance Bands
Jump Rope
TRX/Suspension Trainer

This will allow you to get most of the benefits of a gym at home. More of a space requirement and still the need to get creative for some exercises.

Modest but Ready

Weighted Vest
Doorframe Pull-up Bar
Adjustable Dumbbells
Medicine Ball
Adjustable Bench

This is the ultimate replace your gym membership stack, heavy financial and space investment but will likely last a lifetime.

Nevermind the Apocalypse

Erg Rower / Air Bike / Ski Erg
Treadmill / Stationary Bike/Spin Bike
Power Rack
Barbell and Plates

Where to get this stuff:

Note: I have no affiliation to any of these places, I just know they have what you need.

Treadmill Factory | Fitness Depot | Tonic Performance | Costco | Canadian Tire | Sport Chek | Walmart | Amazon | Rogue Fitness | Perform Better

Now I don’t want you to invest in this stuff and have it become another clothes rack or expensive door stop, so if you need some help figuring out what to do with this stuff and coming up with a plan of attack click the button below to book a free strategy call.

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