Be inspired

By |2017-01-01T15:10:26-05:00July 29th, 2012|Life|

You don't need to be chasing a podium and piece of metal to aspire to be the best you can be everyday. So this week, put a little extra into chasing your greatness.

Put in work

By |2018-11-17T11:18:46-05:00July 23rd, 2012|Life|

My battle cry for the week   I need no validation for my efforts They are my own and judgment only mine to give and [...]

I’m back

By |2018-11-17T11:18:46-05:00March 4th, 2012|Life|

It's been a long time, how the hell are ya?! I think I'm well beyond late on a new years post... So we'll kick this posting [...]

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