Carb-backloading, becoming less of a fat ass

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For the past 3 months or so I've been using Kiefer's Carb Backloading, this is my second run at it as I had originally tried it last year for a couple months but had to stop (more on this below). Here's a basic run down from EFS, the book though spells everything out in detail and is well worth checking out. All things considered it's very similar to intermittent fasting but in my opinion a lot more focused on body composition and performance. I probably won't be competing for another 6 months or so thus a few months ago I decided I would stop being a fat ass and get more jacked.

Cutting pounds and keeping hard earned muscle, keys to a successful diet

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So I discussed earlier that i have some lifting goals i want to obtain by the end of the year, but before i can head full bore into those i need to hit a body composition goal. I've had some pretty severe weight gains and cuts in my life and I think it's taught me a few important things about the topic. I grew up a fat kid, slimmed down to a skinny kid, transformed into a buff man, became an obese slob, and have returned as a large beast. These stages in my life have passed on the knowledge on what not to do mostly, but i believe it's preferably coined as acquired wisdom. None of the following is rocket science and none of it hasn't been said before but I'll share what i feel is absolutely critical to successful weight loss without destroying your weightlifting progress.

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