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  • Goal-driven individualized program
  • Personal TrueCoach coaching app account
  • Unlimited in-app messaging
  • Comprehensive assessment
  • Monthly accountability and tactics coaching call

Virtual and In-Person Personal Training

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  • Goal-driven individualized program
  • Personal TrueCoach coaching app account
  • Unlimited in-app messaging
  • Comprehensive assessment
  • Unlimited Video Review
  • 2+ weekly live coaching sessions
  • Personalized Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching

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what makes bid coaching different?

There are significant advantages to the BID coaching model over traditional BIG Box commercial gym training. Here's a few major examples of how it's different and so much better:


  • Control over where and when you workout
  • Ability to workout entirely on your schedule
  • Workout for the amount of time you need
  • Dedicated nutrition/lifestyle coaching and problem solving
  • Proven track record helping people like you
  • Effective affordable options for most budgets 

Old School Personal TRAINING

  • Dependent on trainer location and schedule
  • Subject to trainer availability
  • Constrained to 1 hour blocks
  • Little to no coaching on nutrition and lifestyle
  • Often not sure what you'll get
  • Prohibitive costs leaving it out of reach for most 
  • No need to give up your favorite foods or activities. What's the point of fitness if it doesn't allow you to live? Holistic lifestyle coaching that helps you find balance to do and eat what you love while still getting results.
  • No need to clear your schedule. Efficient, effective training plans that work within your schedule, and the ability to workout on your own, or with a coach in person or virtually anywhere in the world. No more missed sessions because of business travel!
  • Clear direction, no guesswork. A laid out plan you can follow in the gym, but also clear direction on what to do outside of the gym to support your hard work. From what to eat, to sleep, to timesaving hacks, we cover it all.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We're in this together, I want you to succeed so I offer a bulletproof guarantee. If you stick to the plan atleast 80% of the time for the agreed period and you’re not satisfied with the end result I’ll refund your investment.

things aren't like they used to be

Let's be honest, your body doesn't feel or look how you want it to anymore. You've just dealt with it up until now, as it just hasn't been the focus or priority. 

You know you could probably lose some weight, but the aches, pains, and just simply the way you feel is the thing you can't ignore anymore.

Year after year it just keeps getting worst, and now it's taking away from how you want to live, the work you do, and the example you want to set for those around you

Life is hectic, busy, and unpredictable. There never seems to be enough time in the day and that isn't about to change anytime soon. You want to make this work but you also can't drop the ball on your responsibilities, have limited time to commit, and you aren't about to entirely give up your few indulgences.

so what does this ALL mean for you?

I've worked with a number of people just like you. People who have found success in so many areas of their life but they weren't happy with the direction their health and fitness had taken as a result. Not only that, but it was holding them back, both at work and at home

David Leach Squat

It's NEVER too late to change

David was a driven high level executive with every hour in the day accounted for. For decades career and family had been the only priority. As a result he'd gained a significant amount of weight, had adopted a number of aches, medications, and was always sapped of energy, a wake up call from his doctor put him on notice that it was time to make a change.

Would you like some help making those changes?

I get it. There's a lot of programs out there making big promises. You might have already tried a few.

But for one reason or another you either didn't get the results you wanted or they simply didn't stick. I see it everyday and honestly I've been there myself.

I want to invite you to join me, make a real change, the kind that won't take over your life and the sort you can maintain. 

What happened to David?

Well eventually David decided not to go at it alone anymore, with some help filling in key knowledge, a plan was formulated which accommodated his schedule, which then allowed him to fully commit. He was then able to just execute and leverage his hardworking personality, and determination to get into the best shape of his life. Little did he know, he'd actually come to love it. So much that he eventually become a powerlifter!

"When we first started working together I was unsure how much I would be able to improve at my age and size. You made a number of improvements to my form, you focused on developing key muscles necessary for powerlifting and you really helped me with my focus, consistency, and confidence, and adjusted my diet to fuel my muscle development.

I appreciate you taking the time to explain the whys to me in order to better understand what exactly I should feel and look for.

My experience with you has been nothing short of fantastic. I would never have tried many of the exercises nor weights that we have done. You motivated me to go further and faster than I would ever have done on my own.

You are always positive, fun to work with. You inspire and motivate. You are a true professional and make programming adjustments regularly as required to ensure continued progress."

-David Leach

What People Are Saying about BID COACHING

“Honestly I was petrified of the gym, didn’t know any type of proper form and thought personal training was like a boot camp class that I was likely to die in"

"Now though I’m totally comfortable with the gym, the equipment and our training plan. You explain EVERYTHING which I love because I like to understand the why and how of what we are doing. You’re like a Wikipedia or google for health, food and exercise . You don’t have me do anything you don’t think I can handle. You have more faith in my poor old body than I do… but I can do it!

  • I can lift more weight than I ever thought possible for my body
  • I’ve lost a total of 48.6 lbs and gained a lot of lean muscle as well
  • I eat healthier food options that keep me challenged and satisfied more than 80% of the time
  • I drink so much more water than I used too
  • I honestly love the time at the gym, I find these peaceful zenlike moments that I cherish
  • I am more focused and organized than ever before in my life
  • I have more energy naturally than I’ve ever had

To be “brutally honest”… I’ve given my full trust to a complete stranger who now feels like a friend/mentor. You’ve taken me a long way, shown me new ideas and helped keep me on track, encouraged, energized and guided thru the ropes of the scary gym. From douche bag moves to bro math, muscles with personality traits to some pretty amusing comparisons, you’ve shared so much insight to a world I’ve never known and now feels like a 2nd home.

You can honestly tell that this isn’t just a job for you, its a genuine passion that you have and it seems to come naturally. You’re a great teacher, motivator, guide, coach, trainer, the list goes on. You have more positive energy than I’ve ever seen!! I honestly couldn’t be happier with the recommendation to have you as my trainer. Best choice I’ve made in a long time. I would (and do) recommend you to anyone looking to improve any aspect of their physical life."

-Krissy Purdy

As an already high performing athlete and soldier, I was hesitant to see a trainer..."

"It seemed like a lot of money to do things I already know how to do on my own. I can work hard, but you’ve really helped me work smart, avoid injury, as well as refine my sports psych and nutrition especially."

-Adam Jones

"I’ve been working with Jason for a little over a year now and the results have been amazing."

"Jason is passionate about fitness and it shows through the energy and enthusiasm he brings to every session. His high value on correct form with each exercise makes for a challenging but successful workout. My balance and flexibility have improved and I’ve got great new muscles. Thank you Jason"

-Carole Kelly

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what happens next


We’ll setup a call to discuss your goals, exercise history, preferences, and the best ways to move forward.


You'll complete a comprehensive movement and personal peference assessment, to optimize help your training experience. 


You’ll receive your training plan weekly via the Truecoach application, and you'll perform your scheduled workouts either on your own time or at a agreed upon appointment time.

a few more thoughts from bid coaching athletes

"Before I started working with Jason I felt gyms were scary and mostly populated by fit people. I also believed the gym is boring, that exercise was something which had to hurt all the time and that you just get it over with."

"Jason helped me learn how to do the exercises properly focusing on proper form which in turn removed the fear of the gym. He also made the gym fun and less threatening by focusing on proper form. He showed me that pain does not always equals gains and now I now enjoy taking my time in the gym.

Working with Jason I Lost over 40 lbs and added muscle mass ( which I did not plan for, but was a happy result). Went from wearing size XL (Tight) to M (Comfortable) / Size 38 (Tight) to 34 (Comfortable) waistline. Jason is the best trainer I have ever had. He made Gym fun and I know and trust him when he’s pushing me."

-Marc-André Bergeron

“When we first started working together I wanted to lose weight and get strong. I was worried about how we were going to be changing my routine and lifting lower weights."

"We overcame this by explaining why were making changes and how it would help me get to my goals. I lost 30lbs while retaining my strength. You’re always on time, and pay attention to my form and execution, you do a great job. I have had a lot of trainers and I feel of all of them you have had the most care in my general well being and long term success."

-Jen Browne


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