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Coaching solutions that respect your time, fits your needs, your schedule, and your budget enabling you to accomplish your goals without compromise.


You’re probably not new to the idea of trying to get in shape. Hell, you’ve probably been trying for some time to make that happen. For some reason or another though things haven’t been going as planned.

It might be because you have trouble finding the time or sticking to the plan. Maybe you’re just not sure what to do, or what once worked isn’t doing the trick anymore. You have things you want to accomplish, and you’re tired of not being happy with the way you feel and what you see in the mirror.

If some of this resonates with you then rest assured you’re not alone.

This is where most people I work with begin; where their success story begins.

To get different results then we must try different things.


Give me your effort and commitment and I’ll show you how to:

-Get in the best shape of your life

-Stop dieting forever

-Reclaim your time

-Get strong(er)

-Move well and without pain

-Make the process fun and rewarding

-And give you the tools and knowledge to stay that way


I combine expert coaching, thoughtfully customized training recommendations, and modern software tools to create a world-class coaching experience both online and offline.

This means your workouts, your recommendations, and your support are always on hand and ready when and however you need them.

“Before I started working with Jason I felt gyms were scary and mostly populated by fit people. I also believed the gym is boring, that exercise was something which had to hurt all the time and that you ” just get it over with”. Jason helped me learn how to do the exercises properly focusing on proper form which in turn removed the fear of the gym. He also made the gym fun and less threatening by focusing on proper form. He showed me that pain does not always equals gains and now I now enjoy taking my time in the gym.

Working with Jason I Lost over 40 lbs and added muscle mass ( which I did not plan for, but was a happy result). Went from wearing size XL (Tight) to M (Comfortable) / Size 38 (Tight) to 34 (Comfortable) waistline.

Jason is the best trainer I have ever had. He made Gym fun and I know and trust him when he’s pushing me.”

-Marc-André Bergeron


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