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Quick inspiration – Hold fast

By Jason

I thought I’d share a short poem I wrote as a reminder to myself of to hold fast in my pursuits. I find the beginning of a new week even a short one (for us Canadians it was Thanksgiving yesterday) is a good time for a reminder to be strong in the face of whatever adversities we face. I make no promises on my poetry, I only promise that I mean it. Have a great week!



I cannot promise to always be at my best

But I commit to give my all


I will have doubt

I will have fear

But I will have courage and faith


I ask for no handouts

Desire no sympathy

But welcome support


At times I will fall falter

And sometimes fail

But I will persevere


Adversity will build me






Above all else

I promise to try

And try harder still


And whatever I may lack in skill

I will fill with heart

and unwavering will




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photo credit: jeffwspencer.com via photopin cc

About the author 


Jason is a personal trainer, nutrition coach, powerlifter, sci-fi geek, multi-time former fat kid, lover of Bay (Bailey), food, and lifting heavy things. When he's not in the gym you'll probably find him buried in a book, crushin' a sandwich, or exploring the cities restaurants.

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