I hope everyone got a chance to catch Felix Baumgartner complete one of the most inspiring stunts I can remember watching, in case you didn’t you can find a recap HERE . I can’t help but have the most profound respect for someone willing to do something so insane.


“We live to conquer fears and pursue dreams, may our attempts and accomplishments progress humankind”
– Felix Baumgartner


I happen to be petrified of heights, I have from the moment I was able to consciously shit myself. Over the years I haven’t really become any less afraid but I challenge it by doing things like rock climbing, walking on tall objects and buildings, hanging from balconies, whatever happens to inspire my vertigo. This seems rather ridiculous to some, but I’ve found that even though my fear is still deeply rooted it’s helped me fight through it and not completely shut down when faced with it. In other words to have courage in the face of my fear.


We have a tendency to associate Mondays with a fresh start, a chance to let go of whatever hasn’t been going our way and restart as something a little better. This Monday dare to dream big and consider the courage it may take to get you there and the fear that’s holding you back.


Life is too short to be without dreams, life is too short to let them be stiffled by fear, life is too short to let it suck.


Be inspired.
Photo source:http://statigr.am/p/302062244711410708_476322

Photo source: Red Bull via http://statigr.am/p/302062244711410708_476322


Bring it, Daily!