Sometimes I need to call bullshit on myself. Having been in this game for long enough to seesaw back into some shit that bit me in the ass I’ve built up some truths over time for my own protection I thought I’d share some. 



  • If you can’t shit, piss, or bone normally your diet maybe not ideal for your needs.
  • Carbs are not the devil, if you train with even a modicum of intensity you will need them and no they don’t make you fat by default
  • Pre/during/post workout nutrition makes a big difference when handled well, read some stuff by John Meadows
  • Food quality matters for both performance and health, and if you’re not worried about health now you will be in 10 years. It’s easier to start now, you may even live longer/better.
  • Learn to fucking cook, and fucking cook. Your health and waistline will thank you.
  • You will not fade to bones if you go a few extra hours without a meal (ie. fasting), the heavier you are though the more impractical this is. Fasting is planned, not eating is a disorder, check yourself.
  • Alot of times it’s not about eating less food, it’s about eating better food. When in doubt think Paleo, then throw out the elitist zealotry and add fucking rice and potatoes, done. Read Nate Miyaki’s stuff.
  • Just because it’s gluten, soy, gmo, dairy, carb, free or whatever the fuck, doesn’t make it good for you and you know this deep down. Gluten free cupcakes are still fucking cupcakes.


  • When debating food vs supplements save your money, buy more food and maybe some protein powder that doesn’t turn the immediate space around you into a biohazard after consumption
  • Supplementation should have the focus of maintaining health (usually by filling food gaps), it’s not exciting but staying healthy keeps the gain train rollin
  • Supplements and drugs are two entirely different entities, don’t expect drug like qualities from basic supplementation, you’ll always be disappointed


  • Make and have a plan but realize shit won’t always fall into place, deal with it.
  • Most training programs will elicit some sort of response some are worlds better than others
  • Hard work can fill alot of gaps, fanatical devotion to an ideal is often times what makes the impractical/improbable possible
  • Today isn’t the beginning of the rest of your life, you don’t have to view your fitness goals as such. Some adjustments will be made.
  • Sometimes you need to just stick to the fucking plan, sometimes you need to go for broke, whatever you do most often do the opposite

Coaching/Training Partners

  • A good coach is not always a great athlete but neither is a great athlete always a good coach. This goes for training partners as well.
  • Be conscious of what works for you. Use a training log and be detailed (basics = what did you do, what do you weigh, how do you feel)
  • You can allow training with others to elevate you, or you can allow it to hinder you. Either way you control the circumstance thus the outcome.


  • If you’re hurt or hurting, your priority is getting healthy not more injured. Train accordingly.
  • If you’re hurt or hurting there’s a reason, figure it out or get it assessed by someone who can. Your body is a wonderful machine, it comes with built in early warning signals.
  • Somewhat contradictory to the above, sometimes you will need to grow some fucking balls and get it done. These are figurative balls though so if you’re not so blessed to be endowed with a natural set, you can still participate.


Above it all, be honest with yourself and keep in mind why your doing it.  You know what you need to do most of the time, we’re just naturally good at finding excuses. The less you bullshit yourself at the end of the day the more dividends it’ll pay down the line.


Dig it? Share some of your truths, comment, like it, share it, it’s quiet in here


About the author 

Coach Jason

Coach Jason Ingham is a personal trainer, nutrition coach, and founder of BID Health and Performance. Jason has spent more than 20 years practicing the art of lifting and coaching, continually refining his skill set to help his clients build bodies they're proud of pain-free while doing what they love.

When he's not in the gym you'll probably find him buried in a book, exploring the city's restaurants, or crushing the latest streaming sci-fi or fantasy series with his partner Bailey.

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