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Your last New Years Resolution

By Jason

A new year is just around the corner. Aside from being an opportunity to celebrate the years successes or drink away it’s failures (comfortable mix of both?) many take it as an opportunity to start a new chapter in their lives. Much of the time this is centered around our fitness. Now if this was your plan and this isn’t your first run around the resolution block, you may remember some of your previous commitments. You may also remember they might have repeated themselves a few times, crashed and burned horribly or dissipated into the haze of the next days hangover. You may have even made it through the initial stages but something along the way set you back and shit be damned here you are again.
I like the idea behind resolutions, acknowledging a commitment to something you want to accomplish is powerful. There’s lots of potentially good stuff that could happen in this process. Hell we don’t even need an occasion to make it happen and if we did that(as in not wait) more often we might actually get on track to accomplishing many of the things we want and need. So today here’s three takeaways to arm yourself with to ensure this is hopefully the last new years you ever need to resolve to anything.

Fuck Monday, do it now
Does “I’ll start my diet on Monday” or “I’ll get back on track tomorrow” sound familiar? If it does look in the mirror and tell me how well that worked out for you last time. Motivation is temporary, mine is fickle as hell. When you realize you need to do something, take steps now to accomplish whatever you need to do, don’t postpone it. This also goes for when you fall off the wagon, if you’re feeling shitty about your missed gym session figure out a way to get it in ASAP. If you just caved and smashed 6000 cals of pizza and bread sticks (I’m more than guilty of this one) you’re one meal away from hopping right back on that chicken and leaf train. No one is perfect, there will be moments of weakness but being on track or offtrack is simply one step away. Continued genuine effort will eventually yield result.

Multitasking is bullshit, focus
Whenever we decide to do anything there’s usually 87 other things you suddenly want to do as well and 87 different ways to tackle it. Write out a goals/task list, yes for real, on paper or somewhere you see it often. Make this list specific. Now pick something you want to accomplish, that’s your focus. This is an all out focused assault on that task, you cannot start working towards another goal until you’ve finished this one. So if you want to plug away at all the other stuff you better get crackin and get it done. The less time you spend with your efforts divided the better the work you can do and the more likely you are to accomplish what you want.

There’s no excuses, stop trying start doing
You spend most of your life thinking, watching, yearning for great things. That’s about the extent of how close most people get to these though, wanting, not possessing. Life gives zero fucks about what you want, it’s entirely up to you to be taking action to get it. This is especially true when it comes to your health and your fitness, but this is also good news because you control the outcome. The sooner we stop blaming circumstance or others for our current predicament and just take action the sooner we start to see positive changes. As long as you keep taking steps to move forward you will eventually get there set backs be damned. Whenever we say we are going to try to do something it’s simply giving ourselves an out to not commit to it. Chances are there’s a number of things you’ve tried to do this week that didn’t get done. Why? Because you agreed to try, you didn’t agree to do them. Commit to doing what you say you’re going to do, you’ll find ways to make it happen.

That’s it folks, Happy New Year!

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Jason is a personal trainer, nutrition coach, powerlifter, sci-fi geek, multi-time former fat kid, lover of Bay (Bailey), food, and lifting heavy things. When he's not in the gym you'll probably find him buried in a book, crushin' a sandwich, or exploring the cities restaurants.

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